Hi-Tec is a manufacturer of rack mount servers, workstations and NEMA4/12 rated notebook and portable computers. We also provide custom system integration for our customers with sales and technical support, testing and assembly, from our facilities / warehouses located in Texas and California. We have developed custom chassis designs for our customers as well as integrating components such as Single Board Computer Intel CPU cards, passive back planes, industrial Hot Swap power supplies, ATX specific motherboards. Hi-Tec's industrial systems are used by manufacturing firms for OEM product integration or used for controlling manufacturing factory floor operations.

At Hi-Tec, we recognize that the products' ability to operate in demanding environments is critical to our customers. Our products are designed and manufactured to meet those strict standards. The systems and components we use are of the highest quality and brand names, and we sell them at a very competitive price. Accordingly, all our products carry a warranty period of one year in parts and labor, and all component warranties are passed through to the customer.

Integrated Monitor Chassis

Maritime Computer

CIIMS Application Tablet PC

Modport Portables w/Slots

NEMA Rugged Notebook

Single Board CPU & Backplanes

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