NEMA4 Metal PC's

These integrated workstations are manufcatured to satisfy most requirements for a variety of screen size and PC-Based graphical operator interfaces. All are offered in bench and panel mounted configurations. The IC15 uses a 15" TFT LCD flat panel display, the IC12 uses a 12.1" TFT LCD display, and the IC10 uses a 10.4" TFT LCD display and all models are offered with touchscreens. These workstations are rugged passive backplane units with a bezel that utilizes a quick disconnect from the computer module for easy service.

The IC Series workstations offer complete open access for expansion and service. To assure maximum machine uptime and ease of maintenance we integrate an industrial SBC (single board computer), high resolution flat panel display, touchscreen, and removable cableless media drawer.

NEMA4 Metal PC Features
Industrial Passive Backplane Design
TFT, High Brightness Flat panel displays
A variety of CPU's, Hard Drives and Memory
Auto-Sensing Industrial Power Supply
Connection for Support of PC/104 Expansion
Supports 3 or 6 Half and Full Size ISA and PCI Slots
Resistive, Anti-Glare Touch Screen
High-Speed Serial Ports
Enhanced BI-Directional Parallel Port
Panel Mount
On-Board 32-Bit Video PCI-Bus, Flat Panel/CRT
PS/2 Keyboard and Mouse Connectors
Positive Air Pressure, Cooling Fan with Filter
Custom Configurable Components
Shock Mounted Hard Drives

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