ModPort 10-Slot - The Original Lunchbox

With the ability to integrate standard PC peripherals and accommodate ten (10) full size expansion cards, the ModPort portable computer is the most pragmatic solution for any mobile application. It is the smallest lunchbox computer on the market that comes with a 15" super TFT LCD screen for a truly satisfying viewing experience.

Carefully designed with the user in mind, this rugged and user friendly platform operates indoor or outdoor depending on the application requirement, ideal for data acquisition, protocol analyzer, image editing etc. The ModPort model accepts either a baby AT motherboard or an 8-slot, 10-slot passive backplane board and offers a wide range of power source for different application usage. The ModPort lunchbox comes in either beige or charcoal color; OEMs can apply the same stylish design of the ModPort lunchbox for multiple end-products and use the different colors to visually distinguish the various products (custom color is available with min. quantity order).

ModPort 10-Slot Options
2x 5.1/4 + 1x 3.1/2
1x 5.1/4 + 1x 3.1/2 + 1xRemovable

Standard Features ModPort 10-Slot
Large expansion capacity combined with flexibility, and undying reliability and durability
Accommodates standard ATX, AT, Alpha and passive backplane boards
Power of an high-performance workstation in an integrated enclosure
Design to use standard PC components for easy upgrade and maintenance
Customizable for various applications
Choice of seven or ten full-length expansion slots

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