ModPort 6-Slot Hand-Built Portable Computers
Affordable Modular Portable Computers

Modport, the affordable modular portable computer, is designed for mobility and flexibility. Its rugged steel chassis and ABS plastic case give the Modport enough strength to withstand the rigors of travel and hard-handed operations. Its Open Systems design and numerous configuration options make the Modport a perfect solution for multimedia, engineering, field service and other presentation and storage-intensive applications.

When selecting the right ModPort for your application, you can choose from one of six high-speed processors, ranging from the 80486DX2 66MHz to the Pentium 133MHz CPU. In addition some of the other standard features include 8MB of RAM, an IDE Hard-Drive, a 3.5" floppy, a 200-watt Auto Switching Power Supply, a 102-key detachable keyboard and your choice of a black and white FTN LCD display, a Dual Scan display or a color TFT Active Matrix LCD display.

Media Platform

The ModPort is ideally suited for sight and sound Multimedia applications. With its five expansion slots and three drive bays, the ModPort provides the adaptability required for installation of a CD-ROM drive along with add-in boards for sound, graphics and full-motion video. And, the ModPort can be equipped with its own internal high-quality, high-fidelity stereo speaker system.

When fully configured, this state-of-the-art Multimedia platform is the ideal delivery system for every professional presentation. Its power, performance, and flexibility provide the ability to deliver a message to an audience of one or hundereds. Configure the ModPort for telecommuniction and video input and you have an oustanding Video Conferencing system. With ModPort's optional touch screen, presentations take on a new personality ... just Point & Play! The touch screen allows the audience to follow the entire presentation easily. It eliminates gaps in your presentation caused by the need to maneuver a mouse or enter keystrokes.

Engineering Platform

Its display quality, whether black & white or color, 5 open expansion slots, processing power and many other features are what make the ModPort the most suitable portable computer available for all engineering, field service or general purpose mobile aplications. In-house and remote testing of both voice and data networks can be accomplished with the ModPort and various specialized testing equipment and application software options. The system has the capacity to contain service orders, technical support documentation and other tools to assist the technician.

Quality & Performance

Each ModPort computer is hand-built to specifications by trained engineers. It must then pass a series of operational and quality assurance tests before it is considered ready for shipment. This careful attention to quality offers reliability levels and MTBF figures that are many times greater than conventional laptop and notebook products. The results are greater productivity and lower cost of ownership.

ModPort 6-Slot Modular Portable Computer Options
B&W Display, 32 Gray Scale
DC Battery Pack
Touch Screen
On-Board SCSI
Microsoft Windows 95/Windows NT
Sound & Image Cards
5.25" Bay Drive
PCMCIA-ATA type 1,2,3 Cards
PCi Local Bus
275 -Watt 440 Hz Power Supply
TFT 262,000 Color Display
Removable Hard Disk Drives
2.5 & 3.5 Disk Cartridges
JAZZ & Zip Drives
Built-In Stereo Speakers
Multimedia Platforms AVI, DVI, JPEG, MPEG
12x, 16x CD-ROM Drives

Standard Features ModPort 6-Slot
Baby AT Size Motherboard with AWARD BIOS
Ruggedized steel chassis with dual cooling fans
3-Bay drives: 2-3.5" Open, 1-3.5" HDD (1 5.25" Open Drive Bay available at no charge
5-Open At expansion slots, w/2 or 3 PCI Bus slots (Depending on configuration)
Standard Chassis: 5 full length slots
Optional: Chassis modification to support 5.25" drive peripherals
10.4" 800x600 x64k Color TFT Active Matrix Display
External VGA port supports 1024x768 x 64k colors
2 Serial and 1 Parallel Port
Detachable 102-103 key keyboard, 12 function keys
200 Watt UL power supply, AC 110/220v Auto Switching @50/60 Hz
MS/Dos: 6:22 and Windows for Workgroups 3.11 or Windows 95 Mouse
Nylon carrying case with side pouch
One Year Parts & Labor Warranty

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