Integrated Monitor Chassis

The industrial rackmount computers with integrated monitors are built around a SVGA Sony Trinitron Color or Black and White (B&W) monitor capable of resolutions of up to 1024x768. This series of rackmount chassis gives you the flexibility to shockmount multiple drive devices in a single chassis. Hi-Tec offers 4 different models from 8-14 slots, with dual colling fans. This chassis gives you the ability to choose the model that best suits your application.

Manufactured from 0.080" aluminum or steel with a 0.25" thick front panel assembly and a 0.125" back panel, the unit is electrostatically-coated in textured black or PC beige power coat that makes the Rackmount Integrated Monitor Chasssis as rugged as it looks..

Air is drawn into the chassis through the front assembly by two 56CFM DC powered fans, then, depending on the model chosen, the pressurized air is circulated by up to 4 additional 56CFM fans. This method of cooling protects the unit from harmful dirt and dust and gives internal components such as CPU's disks, I/O cards and memory the degree of cooling required for prolonged life. A 250-400 Watt low profile power supply option gives the unit ample power for system components. DC power supply options are available.

Optional Touch Screens are available.

Custom system configurations are available.

Integrated Monitor Chassis Features
Dimensions: 19" x 8.75" x 24"
Integral SVGA Sony Color or B&W Monitor
8, 14 Slot Passive Backplane
Single Board Computer Support
Front Panel Controls
Shock Mounted Drive Bay
Front Accessible Drives
5U (8.75") High
Optional Touch Screen Available
Custom Design and Finishes Available
Manufactured in the USA

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