6U (10.5")Rackmount Computer Chassis

The 6U series of rackmount chassis gives you the flexibility to mount up to seven half-height drive devices in a single 6U height chassis. Hi-Tec offers six different models from 8-20 slots, with 2-6 cooling fans and up to 4 full height 5.25 drive bays. This chassis gives you the ability to choose the model that best suits your application.

Manufactured from 0.080" Aluminum with a 0.25" thick front panel assembly and a 0.125" back panel, the unit is electrostatically-coated in textured black or PC beige power coat that makes the 6U series as rugged as it looks.

Air is drawn into the chassis through a front removable filter assembly by two 56CFM DC-powered fans, then depending on the model chosen, the pressurized air is circulated by up to 4 additional 56CFM fans. This method of cooling protects the unit from harmful dirt and dust and gives internal components such as CPUs, disks, I/O cards and memory the degree of cooling required for prolonged life. A 250, 300, 400 watt low profile power supply option gives the unit ample power for system components. Hot Swap and DC power supply options are available.

The available options for the 6U style rackmount computer chassis include a flexible arrangement for computer motherboards and related internal devices and components. The chassis offers a convenient 19" rackmount capability for industrial computer applications.

6U 10.5" Rackmount Computer Chassis Features
8, 14 and 20 slot options
6U - 10.75"" high chassis Shock mounted drive cage
Vibration-clamped boards
2-6 internal fans
Front removable filter
AT, ATX motherboard or single board computer
Segmented backplane options
250, 300, 400 watt power supply
Locking drive door
Up to four (4) full-height drive devices
Custom system configurations
Chassis design available
USA manufactured

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