Rackmount LCD Panels

The IC Series TFT (thin film transistor) video or touchscreen monitors are ultra-high resolution, digital displays ruggedized and packed in a sheet metal enclosure. The IC Series monitors are designed and manufactured to operate on the factory floor environment where dirt, grease, grime, oil, water, dust and heat may be present. When the monitors are mounted in an appropriate enclosure, the monitors will meet up to NEMA 4 standards. The IC10 -10.4" TFT LCD monitor uses VGA with a 640 x 480 resolution and the IC12 -12.1" TFT LCD monitor uses SVGA with a 800 x 600 resolution. The IC15 - 15.1" monitor has a higher resolution of 1024 x 768 and uses XGA TFT LCD. The IC17-17.0" monitor has a higher resolution of 1280 x 1024 and uses SXGA TFT LCD. The IC18 - 18.1" monitor has a higher resolution of 1280 x 1024 and uses SXGA TFT LCD. The IC21 -21.3" monitor has a higher resolution of 1600 x 1200 and uses UXGA TFT LCD. All of the IC Series monitors are offered in a panel mount configuration meeting NEMA 4/12 standards.

Touchscreen models are offered with five wire resistive technology. A serial RS232 port is included in the IC Series monitors. Software drivers are provided for DOS, Windows 95 and 98, Windows NT and OS

Rackmount LCD Panels Features
10.4" 640x480 VGA
12.1" 800x600 SVGA
15" 1024x768 XGA
17" 1280x1024 SXGA
18.1" 1280x1024 SXGA
21.3" 1600x1200 UXGA
Standard (RGB) Analog Signal Input
One Serial Port for Touchscreen
TFT Active Matrix Color Display
NEMA 12/4 IP65
Flat Panel Mount Design
Flat Panel Design
90/260 VAC Auto-Sensing Industrial Power Supply
Optional Resistive, Anti-Glare Touch Screen

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