Enhanced ISA/PCI Backplanes

ISA Backplanes, ISA/PCI Backplanes, Enhanced ISA/PCI Backplanes, Segmented ISA/PCI Backplanes; Hi-Tec offers a large variety of backplanes with slot options to meet your needs.

Enhanced ISA/PCI Backplane Specifications
Bus Architecture The ISA/PCI backplanes allow the use of standard ISA Bus and PCI Local Bus option cards. They accept standard ISA Bus processors or PCI Industrial Manufacturers Group (PICMG) compliant processors.
Printed Circuit Layers The backplane is a six-layer .062" thick board. Three signal layers, +5 voltage layer, +3.3 voltage layer, and one ground layer. Muti-layer construction provides excellent noise immunity.
Bus Terminations Terminations provide a method to prevent or minimize reflections and interference on the bus. This can become a significant factor on the ISA Bus with option cards having non-standard load characteristics or with long ISA Bus lengths. Installing terminations is required only as needed by the customer’s applications.
Power Connectors Power connection is available through one of the following connectors: standard AT connector, terminal block connector, 156 MTA connector.
Auxiliary Power Connector This connector provides additional power capacity for power-intensive applications.
Keyboard Connector Three keyboard connectors: two are 5-pin headers and one is a standard AT 5-pin DIN connector. These connections provide options for front or rear-mounted keyboard connectors.
PCI-to-PCI Bridge This option supports more than two PCI Local Bus slots, extending the electrical loading limits of a single PCI Bus. The PCI Buses operate independently, allowing for communication within the same bus even if the other PCI Bus is busy.

2 ISA/7 PCI 8-Slot Backplane

7 ISA/7 PCI 14-Slot Backplane

4 PCI/6 ISA/3 PCI 14-Slot Backplane

12 ISA/7 PCI 19-Slot Backplane

8 ISA/12 PCI 20-Slot Backplane

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