Falcon 486/DX/DX2/OverDrive
Fully Integrated, High Performance

The 486SX 486DX 486DX2, and 486DX4 OverDrive Ready Falcon singleboard computer brings the higest possible performance to MS-DOS, OS/2, Windows and Unix system applications. Hi-Tec's Falcon CPU upgradeable computer, compatible with IBM AT and PC ISA BUS systems, provides fast 25MHz, 33MHz, 50MHz, 66MHz, or 100 MHz processor operations. Integrated onboard multifunction I/O control includes: IDE hard drive control, floppy drive control, two serial ports, and one parallel port. The Falcon can accomodate up to 64MB of RAM.. US Logic has designed this single board computer to be compatible with current and future generations of Intel Overdrive processors.

The Falcon single board computer offers exceptional price and performance advantages for military, industrial, medical, telecommunication, and commercial applications. The 486SX-20MHz is the low cost entry into this high performance arena. The Falcon can be easily upgraded from 486X economy to Intel DX4 power without the need for expensive processor modules or costly board rework. Instead of an oscillator, the Falcon utilizes a frequency synthesizer chip that allows the user to easily select the appropriate clock frequency.

The Falcon plugs directly into a single expansion slot of a passive backplane chassis. All other slots are available for multiple option cards. The integrated floppy controller provides support for disk formats from 360K to 2.88MB.

Hi-Tec provides innovative high quality industrial computers and systems that are designed and manufactured in the United States for critical, high reliability applications.

Falcon 486SX/Dx/Dx2/OverDrive Specifications & Features
Intel DX4 processor 100MHz 486DX2 processor 50 or 66MHz
486DX processor 25,33 or 50MHz
486SX processor 20, 25 or 33MHz
Future Intel OverDrive processors
Opti chip set
8K internal cache
0 to 256K external cache
1 to 64MB memory using X36 modules
Flash eprom optional 1MBIT to 2MBIT
238 Pin Intel OVerDrive socket, zero insertion force
Frequency synthesizer chip
2 serial ports (16C550 UART compatible) 10 pin header
1 parallel port (supports IIP/Microsoft ext. capability)
Floppy drives controller (2.88MB support, A/B swap support)
IDE drive controller
PS2 keyboard and mouse support
Size 13.25" x 4.75"
Operating temperature 0 C to 70 C
Non-operating temperature -20 C to 100 C
Humidity: operating 10% to 80%
Humidity: non-operating 5% to 85%
MTBF 250,000 hours
3 Year warranty - proudly designed and manufactured in the USA

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