ISA Backplanes

ISA Backplanes, ISA/PCI Backplanes, Enhanced ISA/PCI Backplanes, Segmented ISA/PCI Backplanes; Hi-Tec offers a large variety of backplanes with slot options to meet your needs.

ISA Backplane Specifications
4-layer PCB with ground/power-plane for reduced noise and lower power supply impedance
Frame Rated PCB at 94-VO
Backplane Bus Connectors on 0.8" Centers
AT Compatible 12-pin Power Input Connector, P8 and P9 (2pcs Burndy GTC6R-1 or equivalent)
Extra P10 (Burndy GTC6R-1 power connector equivalent) power connection for BP-20S 20 Slot Passive Backplane
All AT 16-bit Connectors (Molex ISA/PCI connector)
LED power indicators for +5V, -5V, +12V -12V
Heavy duty terminal block connectors for industrial power supply wiring
Power good signal available on two-pin header

Bus Architecture
The ISA backplanes allow the use of standard ISA processors and option cards.

Printed Circuit Layers
The backplane is a four-layer .062" thick board. Two signal layers, +5 voltage layer and ground layer. Multi-layer construction provides excellent noise immunity.

Bus Terminations
Terminations provide a method to prevent or minimize reflections and interference on the bus. This can become a significant factor on the ISA Bus with option cards having non-standard load characteristics or with long ISA Bus lengths. Installing terminations is required only as needed by the customer’s applications.

Power Connectors
Power connection is through standard AT connectors or a terminal block.

Auxiliary Power Connector
This connector provides additional power capacity for power-intensive applications.

Keyboard Connector
Three keyboard connectors: two are 5-pin headers and one is a standard AT 5-pin DIN connector. These connections provide options for front or rear-mounted keyboard connectors

6-Slot ISA Bus

Mounting Positions same as Baby Size Motherboard

8-Slot ISA Bus

Mounting Positions same as Baby Size Motherboard

14-Slot ISA Bus

Mounting Positions same as Big Size Motherboard

20-Slot ISA Bus

Mounting Positions same as Big Size Motherboard

Inner Copper Foil layer is 2.00Z and Outer Copper Foil layer is 0.50Z

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