Pentium Triton-II Single Board Computer
Blazing Fast High Performance

If maximum data throughput and maximum data integrity are crucial to your applications, the Pentium Triton-II is the high-performance board of choice.

With processing speeds up to a fast 166MHz plus an improved, faster (100+ MB/sec) PCI bandwidth, the Triton-II delivers the superior throughput necessary for today’s data-intense applications. In addition, the Triton-II is the first Pentium board that provides parity checking and ECC mode (via BIOS setting) necessary for single error correction, double error detection and detection of all errors confined to a single nibble. This gives you error-free performance for your most mission-critical functions.

The Triton-II is fully compliant with the PCI Local Bus 2.1 specification. The Triton-II has optimized the PCI interface to allow the CPU to sustain the highest possible bandwidth (greater than 100MB/sec) and low latency of the PCI bus. Triton-II also supports four PCI masters, pipelined snoop-ahead feature and improved PCI to DRAM writeback policy.

The Triton-II meets PICMG requirements and the latest PCI2.1 standards

Hi-Tec provides innovative high quality industrial computers and systems that are designed and manufactured in the United States for critical, high reliability applications.

Pentium Triton-II Single Board Computer Specifications & Features
Intel Pentium 75, 90, 100, 120, 133, 150, 166 Mhz
ISA and PCI Bus compatible. Internal 24 mamp drivers for supporting up to 20-slot backplanes
Data/Memory 64-bit/ISA: 16-bit PCI: 32-bit
Bus Speed: ISA 8MHz
Bus Speed: PCI - 25MHz (75MHz CPU)
Bus Speed: PCI - 30MHz (90,120,150MHz CPU)
Bus Speed: PCI - 33MHz (100,133,166MHz CPU)
Fully PC compatible with seven DMA channels, each supporting type F transfers
Fully PC compatible with interrupt steering for PCI plug and play compatibility
AMI Hi-Flex BIOS with built-in advanced CMOS Setup for system parameters, Peripheral Management for configuring on-board peripherals, PCI-to-PCI bridge support, and PCI interrupt steering. Supports flash devices for upgrading via floppy interface
Custom BIOS available
64-bit wide second level (L2) cache 512K direct mapped write-back cache policy with synchronous pipelined burst SRAMS
64-Bit path DRAM interface that supports up to 256MB of either fast page mode or Extended Data Out (EDO/Hyper Page Mode) memory
Supports 70ns industry standard 36-bit wide gold finger SIMM DRAM in four 72-pin SIMM sockets. All 256MB is cacheable
Supports a 1MB memory hole option at 15/16MB
Error detection & correction/parity PCI BUS interface

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